Get your website on the first page of Google and attract thousands of your customers.


We have a team of expert analytical minds who will curate an advertising strategy for your brand online. We optimize your website architecture to improve its rank on top search engines. Our Digital marketing and SEO team will advertise it on different social media platforms to reach more customers.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is very essential for online success. In the simplest words, it can be termed as a marketing strategy that is designed to attract more online traffic to your website.

How SEO Works?

SEO involves making use of several elements like adding keyword-rich content, organized site structure, easy navigation, coding, meta-tags, link-building etc. to improve a website’s ranking on the search engine result pages.

  • We have a team of SEO experts here that has wide experience in handing different types of SEO projects.
  • Our SEO packages are offered in India as well in several other parts of the world.
  • We have a dedicated team that carries out in-depth research so as to determine the relevant keywords as per the business type of the clients.
  • We have expertise in designing SEO friendly websites.
If you want your business website to be successful, it is important to get it optimized. What are the benefits of SEO you may ask? Some of the important advantages of SEO have been highlighted below.
  • With SEO, there is considerable improvement in the ranking of the website. Whenever a potential customer types in the relevant keywords associated with your business, your website will feature in the top search results.
  • Improved rankings mean higher visibility & your potential customers will be able to find you easily. Higher quality traffic means higher number of potential leads which can be converted into sales.
  • Web users generally pay attention to the first page results only, so if your website is optimized and has a high ranking, it will contribute to increased awareness about your offerings.

Social Media Sharing & Optimization

  • Social Bookmarking Submission 10 Per Month :- The web pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines. And we all know that the quality backlinks helps us to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank.
  • Social Media Profile Creation 2 Profiles;- Get your personal and brand’s social media profile created to mark your presence on each social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Video Submission*:- Get the unique videos of your company’s intro, product launches etc., submitted on sites like YouTube to instantly receive tremendous traffic in return.
  • PPT Presentation Submission* :- an engaging PPT presentation containing text, images, sounds, and videos submitted on PPT sharing sites to boost off-page SEO, increase your reach and get higher traffic.
  • Infographics Submission* :- Get all your data, information and knowledge easily represented clearly using the most popular graphical representation called infographics.
  • Press Release Promotion & Submission* :- Get the most engaging, informative and keyword optimized Press Release created and managed to boost your content marketing efforts and get a higher ranking.

Creative Marketing & Link Popularity

  • Blog Creation & Management (Addon) :- Get the most engaging, informative and keyword optimized blogs created and managed to boost your content marketing efforts and get a higher ranking.
  • Manual Submission in Top Directory 10 Per Month;- Get your website submitted to top directories using manual selection so your website attracts more clients.
  • Local Directory & Search Engine Submission 10 Per Month:- Get your website marketed in the local directories website to attract the local people without spending big bucks.
  • Classified Submission 5 Per Month :- Get your website marketed in the local classified websites to attract the local people without spending big bucks.
  • RSS Feed Creation & Distribution 5 Per Month :- Get your web content passed on within various websites and the users using RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed.
  • Article Writing & Submission 1 Per Month :- Get the most engaging, informative and keyword optimized Article created and managed to boost your content marketing efforts and get a higher ranking.

Website Analysis & Optimization

  • Initial Optimization / Ranking :- Go through the initial search engine ranking report of Google, Yahoo and Bing prepared by our SEO executive to know the major improvement areas in the website.
  • Title Tag / Meta tags Optimization;- Get a short yet compelling meta tag description of your page with the relevant keywords so your user cannot help but click on your website.
  • Image Optimization:- Get all the images on your page optimized with an Alt Tag so the web spiders can easily crawl through it and display the tag if the image takes too long to load.
  • Header Tag Optimization :- Get a keyword optimized header or H1 tag for your page for higher ranking. Make your website ordered sequentially using the header tags in the perfect manner.
  • PageRank Sculpting / Interlinking :- Get the link juice of your important internal pages diffused to any page on the website for higher search engine ranking.
  • Sitemap Creation and Submission ( XML,HTML ) :-
    Sitemap XML: Add information about your URLs which are neatly listed in an XML file created by our experts.
    Sitemap HTML: Get a bulleted text version of your site navigation so the visitors can easily navigate through your website using this HTML sitemap.
  • SEO Copywriting / Content Optimization :- Get the content of all your web pages easily discovered by getting the frequency and density of your keyword perfectly balanced with the latest SEO norms.
  • Robots.txt Optimization;- Get your non-indexed folders known to the search engine robots by getting them placed together in Robot.txt file.
  • Website Architecture:- Get the technical, functional and visual components of your website planned and documented before the actual designing of your website.
  • W3c Validation :- Get your HTML and XHTML documents checked by the internet for a well-formed markup to get validation from the Wide Web Consortium.
  • Google Schema Creation & Suggestion :- Get a schema markup created for your website so that your content surfaces prominently at the top in the search results.
  • Web Speed Analyse Report :-
    Get your web page analyzed for speed to detect quality and loading time issues to keep the user engaged and even rank higher on search engines.
  • Google Business Listing :-
    Get your free business listing on Google My Business to start building visibility in Google Maps and Google Search in your local community.

Creative Jobs

  • Website Traffic Optimization & New Keyword Ranked Report :- Get increased traffic on your website by optimizing the placement of ads, navigation and the content published on your page. You can also get your hands on the new keywords that are generated by the webmasters to get higher traffic.
  • Google Webmaster Tool Analysis;- Get your hands on the free Google Search Console, previously called Google Webmaster Tool, to analyze and optimize their website for greater visibility.
  • Monthly Backlink Quality Analysis:- Get a monthly analysis report of the most important follow and no-follow backlinks for your domain name or URL and even the backlinks of your competitors to know their strategy.

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